Marriage Made Easy – Mike and Dee Dee Freeman Ministries

Dr. Deloris R. Freeman, affectionately known as Dee Dee, is the wife of Michael A. Freeman, Pastor and Founder of Spirit of Faith Christian Center.

Devoted to the vision of the ministry, she assists her husband with a variety of duties to assure that his God-given mandate is carried out. She has the same emphasis in ministering as her husband and Pastor, which is faith and the family.

Dr. Dee Dee is the founder of Women Walking in The Word, a women’s fellowship of over 1000 women that meet quarterly. She passionately encourages women to support and fulfill the purpose of God in their lives. Her teachings inspire and challenge women to develop a strong relationship with God and with their families. She is an anointed, uncompromising teacher of the Word of God.

A Ministry Of Love Posted: APRIL 18, 2004 by Lisa Frazier Page

Through faith, hope and fellowship, the Freemans are helping to save Black marriages. Before their marriage in June 1985, Michael and Dee Dee Freeman didn’t talk much about their expectations of each other as husband and wife. Mike, then 23 and an aspiring pastor, figured he would be just like his father: a good provider and family man, but clearly the boss and king of his traditional Christian family. He assumed that his new bride, then 21, would know her place as a good Christian wife-which, by his definition, meant being subservient to him.

 But Dee Dee had taken her cues about marriage from a different script. “My mother was very opinionated and always said what she wanted to say,” she recalls. “You weren’t going to control her. My dad helped clean, cook and take care of the children.”

It’s no wonder that the young couple’s marriage was a struggle. He made demands. She resisted. Once they cursed each other out on the way to church. But they masked the anger with fake smiles, sashaying into the sanctuary like blissful newlyweds.

It took deep soul-searching, a willingness to change, and years of baby steps in the right direction for the couple to climb out of chaos and into the peace they enjoy today. Now Mike, 43, is pastor of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Temple Hills, Maryland. He and Dee Dee, 40, share what they have learned to help troubled couples in their congregation of 7,000 find their way back to joy.


Dee Dee was 14 and Mike was 16 the first time they met at a neighborhood swimming pool. Despite an initial crush, they remained just friends. He became her confidant, and she often shared with him intimate details of her life. He urged her to accept Jesus into her life, and in 1983 she made that commitment at a New Year’s Eve church service. When Dee Dee arrived home from church on New Year’s Day, Mike was there, chatting with her mother. She relayed her good news and, in that moment, knew that her relationship with Mike was about to change. “I’m going to marry him,” she recalls telling her girlfriend that morning. They wed in 1985.

Mike felt called to follow his father and grandfathers into the ministry. His desire to help heal families-he calls it a God-given assignment-was so strong that in 1991 he left the Free World Baptist denomination and his father’s church, where he had been expected to become pastor. His goal, he explains, was to develop a ministry that would focus on “family, finances and faith through fellowship.”

The couple started with Bible study for a dozen close friends and relatives, and the group met in their home. They began Spirit of Faith with Mike as the pastor two years later, and the church quickly grew to 350 members. The congregation met in the auditorium of a Washington, D.C., high school until 1995, when Mike discovered an abandoned shopping center in Temple Hills, Maryland.

The church bought the property for $825,000, and pumped in another $3.3 million to transform the run-down strip mall into a spiritual and commercial center now known as Faith Plaza. The church sits at one end of the property, with a bookstore, hair salon, child-care center and family-life center on the other.

Part of the couple’s appeal to their mostly young African-American congregation is their hip, down-to-earth manner. To the members they are simply Pastor Mike and Dee Dee. During Sunday-morning sermons and Bible-study sessions, they often share stories from the painful early days of their marriage. “People love to hear that you can relate to where they are,” Mike says. “We tell everything,” Dee Dee adds. “We tell all our business.”


The first five years of marriage were horrible, the Freemans say. “He wanted me to fit into this mold,” Dee Dee explains. “Do what he said to do. Speak when I was spoken to. Cook. Clean.” At the time, Dee Dee was a cosmetologist and owner of a beauty salon. For many years she earned more money than her husband, who worked as an electrical inspector for the traffic-control system in Washington, D.C. Once she bought a car without telling Mike. “I thought it was a decision we should have made together,” he says. In addition to money battles, there were blowups about Mike’s refusal to help with household chores. Both felt unappreciated.

The Freemans’ lives together shifted in a happier direction when Mike made a move that seemed completely out of character. “One day he just got on his knees and told me he was committed to making things better,” Dee Dee recalls. “He said he was serious about his relationship with God and with me, and apologized for all we’d been through.”

Mike explains that he was weary by then and had become more introspective. He had begun to search the scriptures for solutions to his marital problems. A passage from the fifth chapter of Ephesians, which instructs men to love their wives as Christ loved the church, stood out. “Most people don’t read verse 21: ‘Submit yourselves one to the other in the fear of God,’ ” he says. “They read verse 22: ‘Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands.’ I did not know that I was to submit to her, too. In my mind, she needed to listen, and everything would be okay. God revealed to me that I had a problem listening. And so I shut up. I began to hear her.”

Mike’s turnaround affected how Dee Dee saw her marriage. “I stopped reacting to what he didn’t do,” she says. “Love is a choice, and I chose to love him whether or not he bought me roses or said something nice.”


At Spirit of Faith, engaged couples must attend six months of premarital counseling, or Pastor Mike won’t marry them. The sessions focus on spiritual, emotional and practical aspects of the relationship. The first Friday of every month, Pastor Mike and Dee Dee host what they call communication labs, which include informal group conversations and sometimes role-playing to help married couples address difficult topics.

Mike and Dee Dee say they try so hard to help couples because they have seen too many wait too long to mend old hurts. “I’ve seen husbands and wives who literally tried to snatch their spouse out of the casket to undo wrongs committed when they were alive,” Mike says. “And they can’t get that time back. We get one shot at life, and I don’t care if you live to be 80, 90 or 100-it is very short. We don’t have any seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years to waste.”

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53 Responses to “Marriage Made Easy – Mike and Dee Dee Freeman Ministries”

  1. Good evening and God Bless!
    I am looking for the sermon/program in which you talked about “Did I Marry the Right Person?”, where can I find that particular segment?

  2. Dearest pastor Mike and Dee Dee,

    I just want to thank you for answering the call of God and for declaring war on divorce. We are recent partners of Spirit of Faith Christian Center. Our testimony sounds exactly like yours. Yet ours included anger, violenc, rage, and divorce. Remarried for one year now after 15yrs of divorce from each other. I left the first marriage when our daughter was 3yrs, and planned on leaving this remarriage until I heard clearly God’s heart and vision concerning marriage through both of you. We are now making new deliberate strides in our love walk towards each other and are enjoying the fruits of our labor.

    We love you,

    Cynthia M. Wilson

  3. Dearest Pastor Mike and Dee Dee,

    I just want to thank you for answering the call of God and for declaring war on divorce. We are recent partners of Spirit of Faith Christian Center. Our testimony sounds exactly like yours. Yet ours included anger, violence, rage and divorce. Remarried for one year now after 15yrs divorce from each other. I left the first marriage when our daughter was 3yrs, and planned on leaving this remarriage until I heard clearly God’s heart and vision concerning marriage through both of you. We are now making new deliberate strides in our love walk towards each other and are enjoying the fruits of our labor.

    We love you,

    Cynthia M. Wilson


  5. I would also like information on how we may host a Marriage Made Easy in our city of Toledo, Ohio.

  6. Greetings, My name is Minister Gail Jenkins and my Pastor is Pastor Victor D. Thompson. I watch you and your wife on the Word Network channel here in Monroe,NC. I thank God for you all doing the series on Marriage Made Easy. I would like to supprise my Pastor and First Lady and have you all come to our church and present this program! We are a small church, but I tell you the glory of God visits us on Sunday mornings,and It would just be a blessing if you all could grace us with your presence!

  7. My wife and I are leaders of our marriage ministry at our church (Living Word Church & World Outreach Ministry). We’re also board members of & facilitators in an independant marriage ministry called Alive Marriage Ministry and additionally in partnership with another church based ministry called “Let’s Stay Together” We’re all located in St Paul & Minneapolis (MN) area and are very interested in finding out how our church and partner ministries could host your “Marriage Made Easy” ministry sessions here.

    Jack & Delores Foster

  8. my step mom gave me your info because we are going through a rough time right now in our marriage

  9. help us

  10. HI Pastor Mike and Dee Dee
    I would like 2 say thank you for your marriage made easy ministry. My husband works alot of hours which doesn’t allow him to attend church with me on Sunday’s. So, I tivo your broadcast throughout the week for him and because of that our marriage is much stronger…….Thank You sooooo much Is it possible to buy products from your marriage made easy ministry? If so please let me know how

  11. Just want to say please pray in agreement with me for my marriage to be restored, thank you in advance.

  12. is oral sex lawful in a christian marriage i am not trying to be smart

    • I love your sermons ,Paster Mike& Dee Dee Freeman. I lived in Jackson,Ms . The two of you are so beautiful And stylish. God bless you. Thank god for your ministry. And teaching.

  13. I watch mariage made easy this week while they were in ny, it was outstanding,it ministered to me so great,I love pastors mike and dee dee, you all are an ideal couple in the body of christ. I’m so thankful for my mighty man of God also, he is an awesome husband and he treats me like i’m his queen and i call him king arthur.

    Tundra Plant City FL

  14. Pastor Freeman, I seen your Marriage made EZ program on television and notice that you are coming to Lake Mary, Fl on November 11. Can you send me the specific location and the admission price

  15. I would love to order the full set of DVDs on marriage made easy please email me to let me know where I can find them, how to order, and the price. Thank you and continue with this and please come to michigan

  16. I love your ministry on marriage it really help me to become a better wife keep on doing what GOD tell u to do GOD bless

  17. I have been truly blessed and inspired by your marriage made easy ministry. I thank God for you sharing your experience and wisdom and for opening up your lives to the world. God bless you and continue to allow him to use you!
    Milwaukee, WI.

  18. Hello,
    I would like to know the schedule of the Marriage Made Easy seminars, as well as the locations.
    Lady Darcel Stewart
    Kingdom Builders Christian Church / Redford Michigan 48239

    • I would like to knowmore about madrage made ez please help me. I feel like I go to for n they can heal me. We have gone to conuselors, meet with pastors, long story. I believe God makes no mistakes so please help us.

  19. i like to hear more on marriage

  20. I would also like information about speakings and book signings…

  21. I would like to know when you will be having another Marriage Seminar in Maryland, Please give me more info on this I would certainly appreciate it very much

    • Hello Mr & Mrs Porter. My fiance and I attend Spirit of Faith and we are planning to attend the next Marriage Made EZ class on Friday January 13. I believe it starts at 7 PM and will be held at the Temple Hills location on Oxon Run Drive.

  22. Hi, i would like to know are you going to come to Detroit, Michigan soon i watch you both on T.V. and i love your Ministry..

  23. I would like to know will you be coming to Detroit, Michigan soon i love your Ministry i watch on T.V. Will you come.

  24. Hi: I need information on relationships.

  25. I’m having problems with my relationship and I need something for both of us to read.

  26. John Denver Found this article gossiping about steve jones this morning yet somehow made the decision to not message , but nevertheless, I was out doors training today and experienced a cool cutting edge concept for my internet site based around your stuff listed here for that reason wanted to do offer thanks a lot for your stimulus

  27. I Please send information about the classes of Marriage Made Easy I would like to know when there will be one in the Temple Hills Areas Please

  28. hay pastor mike realy enjoy your marriage ministry not just that put the positive swagger you have. I have had the pleasure of see u preach in person not on marriage will you ever be televised on any of the other stations such as tbn or daystar we have comcast they dont broadcast the word network. or is their any way you can push for comcast to ad the word. im in south jersey I do have a church home been a member with my family about six years but still enjoy pastor mike & dee dee freeman. not a whole lot out their to imitate (hebrews 6:12 amplified) thanks pastor Mike.

  29. This was a great post, thanks for sharing this post it gave me clarity into their ministry of marriage. Blessings to you.

  30. I watch both of you on the word channel ans love how you both work together and how u influence your congregation to do the right things, and you are so down to earth and tell it like it tis. Do you plan to come to New York within your busy schedule. I would love to meet both of you because I think you are
    awesome and we need someone like you just to encourage us whether we are married or not. Blessings to both of you and your family. And your daughters are awesome to maybe they can encourage our young people

  31. time today s I was getting ready for work. I was really touchrom and your wife. Please pray in agreement with me for my marriage to be worked out. My husband and I have been married 2 years and separated for two months. Please pray for us. We both want our marriage to be blessed.

  32. how do u no if u are living with the right man

  33. I need help, wei have been married for 28 yrs, we have tried everyhing and nothing has worked, we aew in the process of a divorce now.

  34. I love your sermons ,paster Mike& Dee Dee Freeman. I lived in Jackson,ms . The two of you are so beautiful . And stylish. God bless you.

  35. I love the both of you. When are you coming to Los Angeles?

  36. Blessing to you and FAMILY . YOU and your wife is and inspiration to me about marriage and the WORD of GOD . I listing to you all every morning , I am a 49 years old woman not with my husband but still want to learn about marriage and with the FATHER what me to know now . I do have a testimony and I am still learning so keep up you good word in the LORD .

  37. My name is Mayo Freeman I I need help with my marriage alot of things I read on this page its like I’m reading about my life I’ve been abused alot in my marriage where it made me want to leave but I stayed now we’ve been separated for three year’s married four I’m going back and forth on if I want to work it out it just feels like he beat the love out of me what should I do?

  38. My name is Mayo Freeman and I’ve been married for four years separated for three of those year’s alot of things I read on this page is me and my husband alot of hurt and pain and abuse I’m scared to work it out but I feel like he beat the love out of me what should I do?

  39. I enjooy it please pray for my husband he living a life of lust and so much pevertion is messing with my home FRED

  40. It sounds like there is a lot of passion in your efforts here. Stuart A. Kaplowitz, MFT

  41. Listening to you both, was to the point. Especially when Dee Dee said the wife wants to be loved by the husband not his way of having sex, but how she wants to be loved, I have failed at this, I am praying and waiting on GOD to renew my marriage, and restore the love lost, and give me the wisdom in how to love my wife the way she wants to be loved. I am still here, but I am a man alone on an island. Due to my own ignorance.


    • Bless you and thank you for your honesty. I pray that God has blessed your marriage. I will keep you in my prayers. Go and grow in love. -Dorothy Hart

  42. Hi,this is Ngee & Rich Okonkwo,founders of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative, Lagos,Nigeria.
    We watched you on TBN for the 1st time a month ago. We were touched beyond words. We felt that your coming to Nigeria will be beneficial to the growth of marriages here. We sent an email inviting you both for the programme. Yet to get a reply.
    Please, do pray about it and you can confirm our authenticity through Pastor Poju or Prof Pat Utomi.
    We are available for further questions.
    +2348037225010, +2348033186774.
    God bless you abundantly.

  43. I’ve been following you guys when you were on the word network to now i love the upfront no hold bars bibical aspects on marriages i feel all churches need this type of ministry even if it means bringing someone else in to minister it. sometimes people have to learn how to love each other esp if one or both just got saved and if one or both just been delivered from drugs this wil be something new and if one or both just got back together after being seperated ..My prayer is that for those that need this is the southcarolina area a way would be made.Amen……Blessings Regina Hicks…

  44. it,s to late for me, I found this two weeks ago and I fell in love i am sending this to my children I hope that it want reach them to late .I cry when i watch this show .I have never ever seen a example of a good marriage in my whole life .please pray for my children and their children all we know is kayos I want God to help us I just want help for my children

    • I pray that your broken heart is healed -both you and your children. Our God is a God of restoration. Speak to your situation. Not about what’s happening but what the word of God says. Peace be with you and your entire family. -Dorothy Hart

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